Last Updated on 29 Sep 2022

Virtual NCD Forum 2022 Protecting Thai Children's Health from Obesity from Online Food Advertising and Marketing

What do we do? When the health and nutrition of Thai children and youth Threatened by online food advertising and marketing of food and beverage products that are high in fat, sugar and sodium

The Division of Non-Communicable Diseases, Department of Disease Control, in collaboration with the International Health Policy Development Agency (IHPP) invites you to attend the meeting to exchange and learn new ways. NCDs Prevention and Control Network Virtual NCDs Forum titled “Protect the health of Thai children from obesity from online food advertising and marketing”

Monday 06 Jun. 65 13.15-15.30
Participate in discussion activities with speakers and experts via Zoom and Facebook live page 'Non-Communicable Disease Division' Department of Disease Control', page 'IHPP' and page 'WHO CSS-NCDs' 

What you will get from the activity

  • Know the problems and risks of health of Thai youth with online life in the era of COVID-19
  • Know the situation and strategies of food and beverage marketing from online media
  • Know how to take care and protect your health from online food product advertisements.