Last Updated on 18 May 2023

Development of health workforce registry and data sharing platform between professional councils and the Ministry of Public health for comprehensive health workforce planning and management in Thailand.


This study focuses on establishing health workforce data sharing platform between health professional councils and the Ministry of Public Health. Minimal dataset adopted from WHO’s recommendation was created. This standard dataset was agreed by all health profession councils according to Thai’s context. This essential data for each health profession is basically required for planning and management for national and organization level. International definition was kept in mind for future global comparison. Essential personal data includes personal identification number, name and surname, birth history information, current address, contact information, and a professional license. Certification of education and training, employment status, and address of the place of employment. Moreover, the centralized platform has been created to facilitate the collection of data for supervision, monitoring, evaluation, and research between related sectors particularly health professional councils and the Ministry of Public Health. Establishing of a data link and personnel registration system Establishment of a system for registering professional personnel It complies with several operational standards regarding hardware equipment, software, and adequate vocational training. And data storage is mandated by law. The main result aims to strengthen the national health workforce core indicators to facilitate policy makers to establish proper plan, effective management, and good monitoring system on health workforce both national and sub-national level

Thai Research Report
Noree T , Ploysongsri W , Nimnual I