Last Updated on 13 Jun 2023

Lancet Commission on synergies between universal health coverage, health security, and health promotion.


Since 2018, this Lancet Commission has sought to understand how to maximise synergies between the global health agendas of universal health coverage, health security, and health promotion, and what drives dis-synergies. By synergies the Commission is referring to an intervention, institutional capacity, or policy, that positively and substantially contributes to the achievement of two or more of these agendas in the areas where they intersect. We gathered data through desk reviews; case studies at the subnational, national, and global levels; consultation with two subregional bodies; and periodic Commissioner meetings both face to face and online to review, analyse, and synthesise data. Several key findings and implications for action arise from the analysis and the gathered data, particularly the in-depth country case studies, which provided several examples of these issues in action.

International Journal
The Lancet 2023;401:1964-2012.
Agyepong I , Spicer N , Ooms G , Jahn A , Barnighausen T , Beiersmann C , Amoakoh HB , Fink G , Guo Y , Hennig L , Habtemariam MK , Kouyate BA , Loewenson R , Micah A , Moon S , Moshabela M , Myhre SL , Ottersen T , Patcharanarumol W , Sarker M , Sen G , Shiozaki Y , Songane F , Sridhar D , Ssengooba F , Vega J , Ventura D , Voss M , Heymann D
Agyepong I.