Last Updated on 13 Mar 2023

Rehabilitation services framework by the disabled and their family in disability services centers for intellectual disability, autism, and learning disability.


This study aimed to investigate rehabilitation services framework by the disabled and family for people with intellectual disabilities, autism and learning disabilities, and to study the feasibility of developing other necessary services for policy recommendations. Data were collected using the process of lessons learnt and the focus group discussions with service providers, people with disabilities and their families in 8 disability service centers. Then, analyzing data based on the framework, considering the care process of people with disabilities throughout their lives from birth to death and needs of people with disabilities for each age range. The ultimate outcomes were that people with disabilities could live to their full potential. The results showed that the disability services centers for intellectual disabilities and autism had similar service characteristics including family peer counseling, independent living skills and social skills training, respite care, job skills training and job coach, life stop service and family support. Obviously, there were unclearly services providing in the center of disability services for individuals with learning disability. However, lessons learned from experts, parents of people with learning disabilities and related organizations indicated that emphasis should be placed on learning skills both in school and out of school together with school buddy for teacher and family in order to increase learning skills and potentiality based on individuals’ condition. This services framework would lead to the establishment of standards for service provision in the disability services centers in the future, together with the adjustments in accordance with the guidelines for the development of service systems for the disabled in the disability services centers. It covered the issue of amending the rules and regulations related to the establishment of service centers, setting service standards, service provider development, financial support, and information system.

Domestic Journal
Journal of Health Systems Research 2022;16:357-69.
Chiangchaisakulthai K , Suppradist W , Samiphuk N.
Suppradist W.