Global Health

Thailand has recognized the importance of global health as one of the essential tools to achieve health development and has played a constructive role in public health in the global arena.

What we are

Over the years Thailand has played a proactive, leading role in global health by setting and advocating important health agendas at the global level. The country’s advocacy has contributed to the framing of critical global health agendas to advance, protect and maintain national interest, build national image and use global health as a tool to pave the way for further collaboration and strengthen international relations.  During the past decade, the Royal Thai Government and domestic partners collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Country Cooperation Strategy (‎‎‎CCS)‎‎‎ 2017–2021 to work on national priorities. The CCS in Thailand represents a strategic, innovative, unique approach to partnership in which more than 60 health-related stakeholders, including the Ministry of Public Health, academic institutions, civil society organizations, and government autonomous health agencies, have come together to address a number of clear evidence-based priorities. Global Health is among the six priority areas of CCS; the CCS-Global Health Diplomacy during 2017-2021 and CCS-Enhancing Leadership in Global Health-Thailand (CCS-EnLIGHT) during 2022-2026. The goal of this program is to Enhance Team Thailand’s collective capacity for collective international movements towards good governance for sustainable health. Three strategies include knowledge management including evidence generation and global health resource center, capacity building, and international movement.  

Our work

1) Knowledge management Knowledge management covers generation of knowledge and communication activities to link knowledge to awareness, actions, and policy; as well as technical exercise to prepare and to learn from any global health events. A proactive approach of knowledge management and communication will be applied to cope with the dynamics of situation and audience behaviours. Analysis of key success factors and lessons learned will be included as a basis for improving our works. The existing knowledge available on the Resource Center on Global Health which is an accessible online platform for learning, exchanging and sharing knowledge of global health movements at national and international levels with a wide range of media such as reading materials, articles, reports, and media and other relevant documents.

2) Capacity building In order to develop human capital, this area will develop series of activities, especially core competency on global health, specifically for different target groups. For example, Global Health Diplomacy workshop and workshops on specific skills for young generation and attending global or regional platforms to expand real-life global health experience for both young generation and mid-career group. This strengthens capacity of Team Thailand to understand-through-action global health platforms and its protocol, dynamic of global health movement and determinants of global health.
3) Collective global movement This strategic action aims to facilitate Thailand’s preparedness and capacity of Team Thailand for key global health movements at various global platforms. The movement topics include, but not limit, to global health agenda which Thailand has shown its leadership in the past, such as UHC, tobacco and alcohol control, HIV/AIDS, and Health promotion. Scope of work includes identifying health or health-related agenda; identifying appropriate approach and platforms; forming and advancing the position(s) of Team Thailand by working with relevant partners across sectors to enhance Thailand strategic global health movement.

Our collaboration

  • Strategy and Planning Division, Office of the Permarnent Secretary, MOPH
  • National Health Security Office
  • National Health Commission Office
  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation
  • World Health Organization
  • Global Health Division, MOPH, Thailand
  • The Partnership Project for Global Health and Universal Health Coverage (GLO+UHC)
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