Health Financing (HF)

Health Financing and Universal Health coverage (UHC) is the first theme in IHPP. At the beginning, it gathered a group of researchers whose aim was to provide evidence support for the introduction of UHC in Thailand.
A notable piece of research was the ‘1202 Baht capitation rate’, which was used to estimate the budget needed for implementing Universal Coverage Scheme in 2002. The theme contributes to evidence-based policies mainly on health financing, for example, National Health Account, public financial management system, unit cost of public hospitals, national AIDS spending specific to AIDS, and monitoring on financing risk protection indicators.

Our challenge

Although Thailand is well-known for the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) since 2002, there are rooms for improvement toward the health system that be sustainability, adequacy, fairness, equity, efficiency, quality, responsiveness, and affordability. Carefully designed and implemented health financing policies is our work to address these issues.
Share of General Government Health Expenditures (GGHE) in General Goverment Expenditures (GGE)
Thai population falls in to catastrophic health expenditure (SDG 3.8.2),

Our approach

IHPP conduct research linked with national and global health agenda. We contribute expertise in technical issues and research skills especially in health financing with strong international collaboration and partnership with national UHC alliance. including Ministry of Public Health, National Health Security Office, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, and National Health Commission Office etc. We serve as national focal point of National Health Account and Monitoring SDG 3.8.2.
National Health Account
The International Health Policy Program (IHPP) has been designated by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand to be the national focal point of the producing National Health Accounts (NHA) of Thailand.
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Research on Health system and Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
Our research scopes are wider range to response to the situation of health system including global and national UHC issues. Our research scopes are related to all 6 building blocks of health system which mainly in financing and governance.
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Health Financing (HF)
03 Mar 2023
Negotiating a pandemic accord: a promising start.
By Matsoso P , Driece R , da Silva Nunes T , Soliman A et al
Health Financing (HF)
27 Jan 2023
Learning from pandemic responses: informing a resilient and equitable health system recovery in Thailand.
By Tangcharoensathien V , Vandelaer J , Brown R , Suphanchaimat R et al
Health Financing (HF)
22 Nov 2022
Using measures of quality of care to assess equity in health care funding for primary care: analysis of Indonesian household data.
By Haemmerli M , Asante A , Susilo D , Satrya A et al
Health Financing (HF)
01 Nov 2022
Rehabilitation services and health databases, Japan.
By Yamaguchi K , Nakanishi Y , Tangcharoensathien V , Kono M et al
Health Financing (HF)
19 Jul 2022
Equity of health financing in Indonesia: a 5-year financing incidence analysis (2015–2019)
By Cheng QL , Asante A , Susilo D , Satrya A et al
Health Financing (HF)
13 Apr 2022
The First online World Health Assembly in history.
By Sursattayawong O , Supaaksorn B , Panichkriangkrai W , Pachanee C , Patcharanarumol W