Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)

Who we are

Our missions are to generate knowledge, manage knowledge on human resource for health (HRH) area, and build capacity for HRH management in order to strengthen HRH policy at national and global levels. Our research area includes HRH planning, production and management.

Our Vision

To be a leading institute in HRH for evidence-based policy making in the region

Our Areas of work

• To conduct research in HRH area

• To advocate HRH policies

• To strengthen networking with other HR related agencies

• To build capacity building at individual and institutional levels


The establishment of the HRD took place at the time Thailand had difficulty managing its human resources for health due to changing circumstances. In the wake of Thailand’s financial crisis, the government and private sectors adjusted their development directions with aim to urgently achieve organizational and national rehabilitation. One of the new policies back then was to turn Thailand into the ASEAN’s medical hub. Designed to draw in foreign currencies and spur Thai economy, the policy saw Thailand’s healthcare system adjusted to pursue the medical-hub initiative. Private healthcare institutions had higher labor demand while the government downsized its workforce. As a result, fewer healthcare workers entered public services. In recent years, Thailand’s population have continued to grow. Population shifts have also occurred, raising the public sector’s demand for healthcare workers. When all these factors are combined, the management of human resources for health in Thailand becomes increasingly complicated. The country, therefore, needs an academic organization that specifically monitors human-resources-for-health situation and develop knowledge needed for the efficient management of such work force. The fair management and allocation of human resources for health, in terms of number and quality, in response to demand across all areas are very complicated tasks. Involved are changing demand for healthcare services and the dynamics of social and economic context in not just Thailand but also the whole world. The tasks, moreover, are related to several sectors. Educational institutes, healthcare service providers, professional organizations and the civil society have all had a role to play in the tasks. In conclusion, such complicated tasks need efficient strategies in creating and compiling knowledge, and fostering cooperation among all players so as to implement solutions through knowledge-creation process. This explains why the HRD must spring into operation. Its missions are to support efficient policies and to facilitate their implementations.

Our collaboration

  • National Health Commission Office
  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
13 Jan 2023
Effect of doctor allocation policies on the equitable distribution of doctors in Thailand.
By Noree T , Pagaiya N , Nimnual I
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
22 Oct 2022
Distribution of physicians to public health facilities and factors contributing to new medical graduates serving in public facilities, 2016–2020, Thailand.
By Siripanumas C , Suphanchaimat R , Nittayasoot N , Sawaengdee K
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
31 Aug 2022
Distribution of physician to health care setting in hardship or remote areas: a study of policy option.
By Sawaengdee K , Kirdruang P , Sukumalpaiboon P , Siripanumas C et al
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
29 Aug 2022
Lessons learnt from an implementation of 3-healthcare provider team for primary care policy for all Thai in 4 provinces in Thailand.
By Noree T , Ploypradub C , Ploysongsri W , Padungson P
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
21 Jul 2022
Rehabilitation services framework by the disabled and their family in disability services centers for intellectual disability, autism, and learning disability.
By Chiangchaisakulthai K , Suppradist W , Samiphuk N.
Human resources for Health Research and Development (HRD)
15 Jul 2022
System development to increase accessibility of assistive devices with telehealth, phase 1
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