Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) theme has wide range of scope to response to health systems and UHC. For example, our ongoing research issues are the health system in transition review, comparing cross-country health system, assessment of effective coverage and access to health services, intrinsic capacity of ageing population, urban primary health care system in Bangkok, etc.           

Our challenge

Although Thailand is well-known for the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) since 2002, there are rooms for improvement toward the health system that be sustainability, adequacy, fairness, equity, efficiency, quality, responsiveness, and affordability. Carefully designed and implemented health financing policies is our work to address these issues.
Universal Health Coverage (UHC) index (SDG 3.8.1),Year : 2019
Thai population falls in to catastrophic health expenditure (SDG 3.8.2),Year : 2020

Our collaboration

  • Strategy and Planning Division, Office of the Permarnent Secretary, MOPH
  • National Statistical Office of Thailand
  • Social Security Office, Ministry of Labour
  • Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
05 Sep 2023
Better data on unmet healthcare need can strengthen global monitoring of universal health coverage.
By Rosenberg M , Kowal P , Rahman MM , Okamoto S et al
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
13 Jun 2023
Lancet Commission on synergies between universal health coverage, health security, and health promotion.
By Agyepong I , Spicer N , Ooms G , Jahn A et al
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
28 Apr 2023
Contracting the private health sector in Thailand's Universal Health Coverage.
By Marshall AI , Witthayapipopsakul W , Chotchoungchatchai S , Wangbanjongkun W , Tangcharoensathien V
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
01 Dec 2022
Effective coverage of diabetes and hypertension: an analysis of Thailand’s national insurance database 2016–2019.
By Rajatanavin N , Witthayapipopsakul W , Vongmongkol V , Saengruang N et al
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
08 May 2022
Universal access to comprehensive COVID-19 services for everyone in Thailand.
By Tangcharoensathien V , Sachdev S , Viriyathorn S , Sriprasert K et al
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
20 Nov 2021
Paths towards Universal Health Coverage: beyond political commitments.
By Tangcharoensathien V , Patcharanarumol W , Kulthanmanusorn A , Pablos-Mende A
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
17 Feb 2021
Participatory and responsive governance in universal health coverage: an analysis of legislative provisions in Thailand.
By Marshall AI , Kantamaturapoj K , Kiewnin K , Chotchoungchatchai S et al
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
16 Dec 2020
Performance of Thailand’s universal health coverage scheme: evaluating the effectiveness of annual public hearings.
By Kantamaturapoj K , Marshall AI , Chotchoungchatchai S , Kiewnin K et al